Discord Kudocoin currency
Discord Kudocoin currency

Discord Kudocoin currency

The Discord Kudocoin currency system is one of our most exciting projects. This currency system will be an integral part of the Seer Program moving forward, and will be the fuel that powers the implementation of our Futarchy-based decision markets that will cover various topics throughout the Program.

Initially Kudocoins will only be distributed to select program participants: Tier 3 titled Seers and Zeitgeist team members. Holders of the Kudocoin currency are encouraged to distribute the currency to the rest of the program by "tipping" members who exhibit good behaviours. Good behaviours are anything that helps grow the program and evolve towards our goals and vision. This could be as simple as answering questions for new arrivals in the discord, or as technical as submitting work that furthers the development of the Zeitgeist ecosystem itself.

There will be other participation-based ways for Seers to acquire Kudocoins along with a faucet system in the future that allows members to claim a daily allowance. The ultimate goal is to put decision making power into the hands of the Seer Program community by allowing them to buy "decision tokens" with this currency and trade those into our Futarchy-based decision markets that will be hosted within the Seer Program Discord.

The Kudocoins Currency System will function as an open source project, with a base code hosted at the Seer Program Github. Participants will need to contribute to this base code, and submit pull requests to the Crystal Ball Github with contributions they've added.

Unfortunately testing will not be allowed in the main Seer Program Discord as that would create a massive security concern. For testing of your code, you can either create a new Discord or use a personal Discord and then create an application for it, attach a bot to the app, and use the bot token to authorize actions taken on your new/personal Discord.


  • Knowledge of Python
  • Github account

Kudocoin necessary functions

  • Ability to "tip"
  • Ability to buy decision tokens from the Seer Program Discord shop
  • Ability to sell decision tokens to a Decision Market. (This would populate a second json file)
  • Ability to track user inventories and balances
  • Discord faucet function that allows for a daily claimable balance per user