The Zeitgeist Seer Program
The Zeitgeist Seer Program

The Zeitgeist Seer Program

Welcome to the Zeitgeist Seer Program! Zeitgeist is a blockchain that is powered by prediction markets, and prediction markets are powered by the community that participates in them. Emphasizing this philosophy of a community-powered blockchain, Zeitgeist will be governed via "Futarchy", a governance model introduced by world renowned economist Robin Hanson. With this kind of true community-driven governance, Zeitgeist is pushing the boundaries of what we've seen in the blockchain industry to date.

We want to continue this emphasis on community, Zeitgeist's Seer program was created as an effort to foster the organic growth of our ecosystem. We want to give our community a chance to build and create within the Zeitgeist ecosystem right from inception, and have a meaningful impact on the evolution of Zeitgeist itself.

Our vision for the Seer Program is to build a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to creating, and shaping the future of the Zeitgeist ecosystem. Our program focuses on fostering an atmosphere where participants are incentivized to network and collaborate together with the common goal of advancing the ecosystem.

The Seer program is designed with two major avenues of progression: Titles and Eras. Built for adaptability and encouraging collaboration towards common goals, Titles and Eras are tangible sources of progression for Seers and the program itself. The evolution of the program will eventually be guided by the principles of Futarchy as Zeitgeist matures.

Eras are the vehicle of progression for the Seer Program as a whole. Each Era lasts a limited time and has its own area of focus, or "zeitgeist", that drives the activity and growth of the ecosystem in a targeted and progressive manner.

Titles are designed to distinguish members of the program who have made active contributions to the Zeitgeist ecosystem and act as a source of prestige for those members. Titles also unlock various perks throughout the duration of the program including exclusive NFT rewards.


Does the idea of building the future of blockchain appeal to you? If you are interested in creating prediction markets, building prediction market based apps, blockchain development, community co-ordination, or anything else that you think would contribute to the growth of the Zeitgeist ecosystem, then the Seer Program is the best place to get started.

The Seer Program community will be a place where collaboration and networking are the keys to success. That success can bring numerous benefits along with it: Participants will have first or exclusive access to various opportunities and events throughout the program, a stepping stone for a career in blockchain, and belong to a community that they can be proud of.

If you are interested in participating in the Zeitgeist Seer Program, please fill out the

Seer Program Application and join us in the Discord.